Our latest innovative product in the crop baling products market is a real game changer.
The revolutionary John Deere B-Wrap®, a joint development by Tama and John Deere, is made especially for bales stored outdoors in tough weather conditions. It protects your valuable hay crop from rain, snow, and ground moisture. You get barn-quality hay without the barn.

  • Use B-Wrap® to preserve your best second or third crop, the hay you need to carry
    through winter, or the hay you plan to sell.
  • B-Wrap® is also great for preserving straw and other crop residues.
  • B-Wrap® works with John Deere 7 Series, 8 Series, and 9 Series Round Balers that are equipped for netwrap. All you need is a dealer-installed B-Wrap® kit.

This unique twine is designed to give user the benefits of both plastic and sisal twines. The advantage of Clearfield™ Twine is a combination of sisal twine’s degradability and Plastic twine’s durability.
Clearfield™ is packaged in shrink-wrap and contains one 20,000 ft. spool.

Our Brazilian Twines represent premium–quality sisal twines by COSIBRA, Brazil’s most experienced twine manufacturer.
COSIBRA’s extra-long and strong fibers from their plantation, assure uniform knotless twines for both square and round bales. Each bale is fully treated to resist rodents and insects.

For conventional “square” baling, split film is particularly well suited for extra heavy, high tension baling. All split film grades are designed for maximum strength and ultimate performance and have been stabilized against UV (sunlight) exposure. A complete range of wire replacement grades are also available in split film construction.