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  • John Deere B-Wrap®
    18 Mar 2014 in John Deere B-Wrap®

    Our latest innovative product in the CPP market is a real game changer. The revolutionary John Deere B-Wrap®, a joint… Clearfield Baler Twine

    02 Mar 2014 in Clearfield

    This unique twine is designed to give user the benefits of both plastic and sisal twines. The advantage of Clearfield™ Twine… Read more

  • Brazilian Sisal Twine
    02 Mar 2014 in Brazilian

    Our Brazilian Twines represent premium–quality sisal twines by COSIBRA, Brazil’s most experienced twine manufacturer. COSIBRA’s extra-long and strong fibers from their… Read more

  • Balebind Plastic Baler Twines
    02 Mar 2014 in Balebind&Baler Twine

    For conventional “square” baling, split film is particularly well suited for extra heavy, high tension baling. All split film grades… Read more

  • SunFilm Stretch film
    19 Feb 2014 in Stretchfilm&SunFilm

    SunFilm® Stretch film has incredible damage resistance which allows excellent puncture, abrasion and tear resistance for outdoor storage and it reduces… Read more

  • John Deere Edge to Edge with TamaTec+
    19 Feb 2014 in John Deere&Net Wrap

    With more footage per roll, now you can make 10-15% more bales with each roll of net – for more… Read more

  • John Deere CoverEdge with TamaTec+
    19 Feb 2014 in John Deere&Net Wrap

    John Deere CoverEdge™ goes right over the edge of the bale and snaps into place for better protection. With the… Read more

  • CLAAS Rollatex Pro
    18 Feb 2014 in CLAAS

    CLAAS Rollatex pro will allow you to produce the best bales at a lower cost. With 50% more netwrap than… Read more

  • TamaNet with TamaTec+
    10 Sep 2013 in Net Wrap&Tama

    A new formulation of advanced raw material with a unique manufacturing process, combine to bring you MORE feet of net…

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