green<sup>®</sup> BAG
green BAG

The Sotrafa green® BAG is the reliable flexible storage solution for silage and grain.
Sotrafa’s state-of-the-art extrusion capabilities and proprietary blend of premium raw materials offer a technical product that is priced right to reduce your bagging cost. The green® BAG’s optimized physical properties provide the consistency and reliability to meet your storage demands.

green® BAGs are compatible with all silage baggers, grain baggers and grain bag extractors.

Our environmental responsibility:

Green bags are a valuable and prolific source of used plastics that can reduce the amount of new resin used in manufacturing. We at Tama Canada are happy and proud to collaborate with Cleanfarms recycling solutions to collect and recycle grain bags into new products such as plastic bags that can be used by Canadians, coast to coast. For more information about the recycling and collection process click here>>

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  • Excellent puncture and tear resistance
  • High resistance to “slumping”
  • Low foot print
  • Very low oxygen permeability
  • Optimized thickness
  • Long-lasting warranty
  • Adapted to extreme cold conditions
Diameter: 5 to 14 feet
Length: up to 200 m (656 feet)
UV: up to 24 months
Extrusion: up to 7 layers


  • More compaction and capacity
  • Optimally formed bags with proper weight distribution, smaller bag footprint
  • Easy grain extraction
  • Improved conservation, higher nutritional values, better storage
  • Easier handling + saved time and space. Less waste and Co2 footprint
  • Gives you the freedom and flexibility to sell at the best moment
  • Special formula to withstand temperatures down to –50°C (-58°F)
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