Sigma Stretchfilm
Sigma Stretch film Wrap

Sigma Stretch film is a High performance, co-extruded film with an outstanding strength for maximum tear resistance and superior resistance to puncturing from coarse crops.
It has high performance cling for excellent bonding when wrapping and excellent opacity giving uniform color dispersion.

Sigma Stretch film is manufactured using only quality virgin materials; these products contain special ultraviolet inhibitors to prolong the life of wrapped bales.

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Manufactured only using quality virgin polymers, including modern 5 layer extruded process and are fully treated for U.V inhibitors to prolong the life of wrapped bales.

Width Length Thickness Colour
500mm (20”) 1,800m (5905’) 1.0 mil White/Green
750mm (30”) 1,500m (4920’) 1.0 mil White/Green
750mm (30”) 1,250m (4100’) 1.2 mil White/Green
750mm (30”) 1,000m (3280’) 1.5 mil White/Green
24 rolls per pallet
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