SunFilm Stretch film
Sunfilm Silage Wrap

SunFilm® Stretch film has incredible damage resistance which allows excellent puncture, abrasion and tear resistance for outdoor storage and it reduces storage and operational cost as there is no need for indoor storage.
The reflective white film reduces heat buildup, which avoids loss of quality feed (although Black is available) and it is specifically treated to resist ultra violet light degradation for up to one year.
It has excellent cling – wraps bales air tight for the duration of storage. In addition it helps you to prevent attacks by bugs, mold, and harmful bacteria.
Recommendations for best results:

  • Film should be pre stretched to 55%-60%.
  • Bales are wrapped with a 50% overwrap and minimum of four layers (2×2).
  • Wrap Bales at a 50%-60% moisture content for best results.
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More Information

Silage Film

Size Color Mil.
20" x 6,000' White 1.0
30" x 5,000' White, Green, Black 1.0


Gold 6 Layers Film

Size Color Mil.
30" x 5,000' White 1.0

In-Line Wrapping – Endcaps

Size Endcaps/Box
93" X 72" 20
110" X 72" 20
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