Clearfield Baler Twine
Clearfield™ Sisal Twine

This unique twine is designed to give user the benefits of both plastic and sisal twines. The advantage of Clearfield™ Twine is a combination of sisal twine’s degradability and Plastic twine’s durability.
Clearfield™ is packaged in shrink-wrap and contains one 20,000 ft. spool.

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Combine plastic and sisal twine benefits
Combines benefits

Combines the unique benefits of plastic and sisal twines in one product.

High Strength and Consistent
Lasts longer

Lasts longer than sisal twine, but unlike plastic twine will eventually decompose.

high visibility

Yellow color for high visibility.

Length Tensile Weight Boxes/Pallet
20,000' 110# 15lbs 80
Clearfield Baler Twine Leaflet 2018
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