Balebind Baler Twines
Balebind™ Plastic Rope Twines

For conventional “square” baling, split film is particularly well suited for extra heavy, high tension baling. All split film grades are designed for maximum strength and ultimate performance and have been stabilized against UV (sunlight) exposure. A complete range of wire replacement grades are also available in split film construction.

Balebind™ Plastic Baler Twines
Smooth Running
Reduced machine wear

The smooth surface of the twine minimalizes wear and tear on the knotting system.

High Strength and Consistent
Withstands "drop shock"

High strength yarn for maximum performance.

UV radiation damage Protection

Contains special UV light inhibitors which allow it to withstand intense exposure
over long periods.

Easy Feed System
Easy feed system

Twine runs trouble free in baler.

High Quality Raw Material

Always uniform consistency.

Large Square Bales
Twine type Single-Spool pack length Knot strength
Balebind 4,000 4,000 feet 550 lbs
Balebind 4,000 4,000 feet 450 lbs
Small Square Bales
Twine type 2-Spool pack length Knot strength
Balebind 7,200 7,200 feet 170 lbs
Balebind 9,000 9,000 feet 140 lbs
Balebind 9,600 9,600 feet 170 lbs
Balebind 9,600 9,600 feet 210 lbs
Balebind 12,000 12,000 feet 190 lbs
Round Bales
Twine type 2-Spool pack length Knot strength
Balebind 40,000 40,000 feet 110 lbs
Balebind 28,000 28,000 feet 110 lbs
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