Harvest Tec’s Preservative
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Maximize the number of acres baled per day with a chemically buffered form of propionic acid formulated to prevent spoilage of valuable hay crops. John Deere Green-Gard Hay Preservative is gentle on your baler with a pH of 6.0 that is as neutral as rainwater, yet it is just as effective as straight propionic acid. It works on all types of hay, including alfalfa, grass and other crops susceptible to spoilage at higher moistures.

Benefits of using Harvest Tec’s Preservative:

  • No more waiting on the weather, bale when you’re ready at moistures up to 30%
  • Start working earlier in the day and later in the evening
  • Bale at higher moistures without worry of heating or mold damage
  • Hay treated with Baler’s Choice is greener and higher in feed value
  • When compared to dry preservatives and inoculants, Baler’s Choice is easier to apply, gives more consistent coverage, and won’t clog application equipment
  • Works well on ALL types of hay
  • Non-corrosive buffered formula won’t harm expensive baling equipment, the user, or livestock
  • Baler’s Choice treated hay can be stored for years and will look and feed as well as when it was first baled
  • Baler’s Choice is ok to store outside as it won’t freeze and won’t lose effectiveness over time

Preservative Crop Saver
crop saver mockup
Preservative Crop Saver

Large square balers:
Automatic systems for large square balers are equipped with star wheels that mount on the top of the bale chute. Accurately reads moisture from 6% to 70%. 

Round balers:
Automatic systems for round balers are equipped with two sensing discs, one mounted on each of the baler’s sidewalls. Reads moisture from 6% to 60% on 300 and 600-Series Systems.

Small square balers:
Sensors for the automatic system on small square balers consist of two star wheels that mount on the bottom of the bale chute. Reads moisture from 6% to 32% on 300 and 600-Series Systems

Everyday electronic cab control
Designed for small-scale operations, an electronic control applicator is available on all baler models and sizes. The dial on the control box can be adjusted for correct preservative output. Electronic components in the cab control box hold the application rate constant.

  • Available with a 25 or 55 gallon tank for round and small square balers
  • 110 & 115 gallon tanks on large square systems (baler dependent)
  • Conveniently mounted in the cab of tractor or fender
  • Upgradeable to an automatic applicator system
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