Kubota Netwrap
Kubota Netwrap x 2

 The Next Generation in Bale Wrap Technology

  •  Unique patented Edge to Edge technology for full bale coverage.
  •  Total crop protection.
  •  Zebra System™ – A clear Left-Right indicator for easy and correct loading of the roll into the baler every time. Plus, at feeding time, user can quickly see which direction to unroll the bale.
  •  Red End Warning – Indicates to the operator that the end of the roll is approaching. The red stripe marks the last 240 ft (approximately 7 bales).
  •  Guaranteed Length – Every roll contains at least guaranteed stated length, not a “plus-or-minus” average.
  •  Carry Handles – Easier and safer handling.
  •  Edge Guards – Protect roll from damage.
  •  Unique ID Number – Enables tracing of full production details.
More Information

Kubota rolls feature TamaTec+, a unique combination of advanced raw materials and manufacturing techniques which allow longer lengths on each type of roll. Longer lengths mean lower cost per bale wrapped.

Roll Dimensions:
Kubota 67" x 7,000' (170 cm x 2,134m)
Kubota 64" x 7,000' (162 cm x 2,134m)
Kubota 51" x 11,500' (130 cm x 3,505m)
Kubota 51" x 9,840' (130 cm x 3,000m)
Kubota 48” x 12,500’ (123 cm x 3,810m)
Kubota 48” x 9,840’ (123 cm x 3,000m)
Kubota Netwrap Leaflet 2018
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