Aspla Power Ultra & SuperGrass Stretch Film
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Silage Film for both Square and Round Bales
Power Ultra® agri-stretch film was developed to provide exceptional performance when wrapping bales. Rolls have 20% more meters, compared to a standard 750 mm film (1,800 m as opposed to the traditional 1,500 m). Power Ultra’s additional length allows wrapping of up to 6 more bales per roll, optimizing and reducing the wrapping costs for the operator by 20%. Time is also saved, because less rolls have to be changed during the day, which means less machine stops. Due to its 20% cost benefit, Power Ultra® is the stretch film offering the best value for money in the market.

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Aspla film for Round Bales

Model Width Length Thickness Colour Rolls/Pallet
Power Ultra® 750mm (30”) 1,800m (6000’) 5 Layers White/Green 40

Aspla film for Large Square Bales

Model Width Length Thickness Colour Rolls/Pallet
SuperGrass® 750mm (30”) 1,500m (5000’) 5 Layers White/Green 40
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