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Large Square Bales
TamaTwine for Large Square Bales comes in a range of products designed to suit your needs. Choose the strongest twine for your most demanding conditions, or opt for the longer spool length. Whichever twine you choose, you can count on high performance that will not let you down.

International Baler Twine Segmentation
The colour-scale below shows the range of twine segments, depending on crop type and baling conditions from low density/standard baling conditions, up to the highest density or most extreme conditions.

Tama XD 3300 700 CAN spool blue

Tama XD 3300/700

XD 3800 650

Tama XD 3800/650
For High Density balers in the most extreme conditions of high temperatures and density. Ultimate performance in short straw or cornstalks.

XD 4100 600

Tama XD 4100/600
For High Density balers where ultimate performance is required. Use it for straw in conditions of extreme density or high temperatures, short straw, and corn stalks.

Tama LSB 4300550 lsb 4700550

Tama LSB 4300/550
Tama LSB 4700/550

A longer length option for High Density balers in springy crops such as grasses, straw and cornstalks.

Tama LSB 4400450 lsb 5400450

Tama LSB 4400/450
Tama LSB 5400/450

The best performing option for all crops and balers where high density is required. Use it for silage and for high density hay and straw bales.

Icon Extra Spool Length
Extra ball length

Extra spool length for less ball changes, less waste and higher efficiency.

Icon Knot Performance
Unrivalled knot performance

Unrivalled knot performance, flexible and strong for 100% reliable tight knots on your bales.

Icon Uniform Spool Shape
Uniform ball shape

Uniform ball shape to ensure trouble-free running in the baler.

Icon OEM Approved
OEM Approved

The only Big Baler twine range fully validated by ALL THE MAJOR BALER PRODUCERS.

Icon UV Protection
UV Protection

Special UV light inhibitors to withstand intense exposure over long periods.

Name Spools per Pallet
Tama XD 3300/700 36
Tama XD 3800/650 36
Tama XD 4100/600 48
Tama LSB 4300/550 36
Tama LSB 4700/550 36
Tama LSB 4400/450 48
Tama LSB 5400/450 36


TamaTwine Scale Leaflet
TamaTwine+ Scale Leaflet
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